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Articles - Using MOARS in Classrooms
Written by Bill Pellowe   
Monday, 19 July 2010 17:47

This article describes my in-class workflow when giving the students a survey . This article assumes that the survey is ready for the students. What I do: the students take the survey, and we go over it in class. I give participation points to the students who've submitted answers. This article explains this process in more depth, including what you're supposed to click in the teacher's administration area.


First, I tell the students to log in and get ready. In the early weeks of the semester, I need to remind some of them what the website URL is. I also may need to remind some students what their passwords are, so I prepare for that by putting the information on my screen (from the Home Menu, undeneath "Manage Students", choose "Retrieve student log-in information").

Teacher Setup

After that, I put the survey on my screen (remember, the students cannot see my screen), and I tell the students the shortcut for that survey  (Home Menu, under "Surveys", choose "List all the surveys").

Monitor Students' Progress

While students are taking the survey, I monitor their progress (Home Menu, under "Surveys", choose "See survey results"). Every few minutes, I refresh the page (by clicking the "Refresh these results" button).

When it's time to end the survey, I warn the students that we'll be finishing in a minute. After a minute, I tell the students that we're done. At this point, I assign participation points (on the "See survey results" page, next to "Add participation points?", select "Yes" and click "Next").

Survey Follow-up

At this point, there's a choice to make. I have two options:

  1. I can simply show students the results (Home menu, under "Surveys", click "See survey results"); or
  2. Students can discuss the survey questions and/or the results.

When students finish the survey, they can access the results (by clicking "See results" on their own screens), so their classmates' replies are probably not unknown to most of them. If I opt for #2 above, I'll put students in small groups to talk about their answers and/or discuss the results (are they surprising? interesting? predictable? etc.).

In some situations, it may be useful to tell the students that their task is to try to persuade other students to switch opinions to their way of thinking. In this case, I may want to give a follow-up survey (Home Menu, under "Surveys", choose "List all the surveys", then "See full survey", then "Assign Second Shortcut").