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Extensive Reading Survey

This add-on helps you to monitor your students' extensive reading (ER). Students input a graded reader's ISBN number, and then take a quick survey about the book. The survey was initially used in research by Trevor Holster. This add-on will output the data in a format that's easily imported into Facets for Rasch analysis. Click the "Preview" button to see an annotated screenshot.

Requires MOARS 0.8.3 or higher (but only tested with v. 0.8.4 and later). Consult the enclosed "READ ME - installation notes.txt" file for instructions.


Extensive Reading Survey
er-addon.zip (281.71 kB)
ER ISBN Update: OUP (2013 December list)
ER ISBN Update: Cengage (2012 June list)
ER ISBN Update: RIC (2012 June list)
Extensive Reading Badges
erbadges.zip (1.11 MB)
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