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Written by Bill Pellowe   
Friday, 28 May 2010 09:31


moars.com will not distribute your private information to any 3rd party. We won't sell it, lease it, or give it.

moars.com will not send you any communication that is not directly related to the Mobile Audience Response System software. In other words, we reserve the right to notify you if we release a critical update to fix a problem with the software, but we will not send you advertisements.

Some information about you is available in your profile. MoARS.com sets the parameters so that e-mail addresses are not displayed on this website.

The forum is open to the public. Any information you share about yourself there, could be found by anyone using Google. This is true about all public forums and indeed the entire Internet, not just our website.

Anything not explicitly stated here is not an attempt to create a loophole for us. If you think something is missing from this privacy policy, contact us and we'll address the issue. The intent of this privacy policy is to tell you that we respect your privacy, and we're not going to violate your privacy or your trust.