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Student Side Language Packs

From MOARS version 0.8.2, you have the ability to select which language your students' side will be in. Of course, this depends on whether or not there's a language pack file for the language you want.

If you create a version for a different language, please consider donating it to the MOARS project. We'll include it here, with full credit to you. See the English version for details on how this works.

Please read the "READ ME" file for instructions on how to install your language pack. (That file is included in the downloads below.)

After you've installed a new language, you can manage your languages (see the screenshot below). In your "Admin" menu, choose "Manage student side (language)."

Screenshot of Language Choices


Nederlands (Dutch Language Pack)
Français (French Language Pack)
Deutsch (German Language Pack)
日本語 (Japanese Language Pack)
한국말 (Korean Language Pack)
Português (Portuguese Language Pack)
Español (Spanish Language Pack)
English Language Pack (included w MOARS)
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