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Peer Assessment Feedback Surveys

This module allows you to use a single survey for peer evaluation of an entire class of students, so that each student has an individual shortcut dedicated to the feedback of their presentation. (See screenshots.)

You have two choices when it's time to see the results:

  • Classroom results gives you bar charts summarizing the ratings received by each student in the class. You can download this data as a CSV file, which can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet software.
  • Research data lets you download files to be easily imported directly into FACETS for RASCH analysis. See Trevor Holster's Analyzing MOARS Peer-assessment Data with FACETS page for details.

You can include as many different classes as you'd like into one peer assessment "event" (think large speech contest, science fair, art contest, etc.). Requires MOARS v. 0.8.3 or better.


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