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Written by Bill Pellowe   
Monday, 16 May 2016 06:10

NewsIn November 2016, Bill Pellowe will give a presentation on the Peer Assessment add-on for MOARS at the JALT 2016 International Conference in Nagoya, Japan.

Title: MOARS Peer Assessment Module

William R. Pellowe

Bill will demonstrate MOARS, an open-source audience response system that can be used for multiple-choice tests and surveys. Free to download and install, MOARS includes a peer assessment module that can be used to gather rating data for Facets analysis (it provides you with a data file formatted for instant analysis, plus a rudimentary specification file). Although it's called a Peer Assessment system, it can handle any situation where raters use a rubric to assess student performances. Advice and directions for installation of MOARS on a laptop or a remote server will be included.

Bill Pellowe is an Associate Professor at Kindai University. He works at the campus in Fukuoka Prefecture.