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Screenshots - Survey

The MoARS system includes surveys. In this section, you can see some screenshots of surveys.

Front End (Student side)Front End (Student side) 
Surveys end on a results page. Results are shown in a pie chart (only on supported browsers).
Results piechar...
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Surveys start here, on the start page, where students type in a shortcut (a 4-digit number supplied by the teacher).
Start page
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Surveys can have up to 9 options per question.
Survey question
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Students can only answer each question once.
No repeats
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Scroll down from the results pie chart to the repeated question, with options and tallies.
Results (scroll...
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Scroll down the results page to the end to the buttons. \'Refresh\' will grab the latest data from the student\'s class.
Results (scroll...
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Display Num 
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