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Screenshots - Quiz

The MoARS system includes quizzes for students. Here you can see some screenshots of quiz pages.

Front End (Student side)Front End (Student side) 
There\'s only 1 correct answer. Notice that students know which question they\'re on, and how many more to go. Each question has up to 5 options.
Quiz question
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Quizzes start when the student types in an activity shortcut (usually a 4-digit number, given by the teacher).
Start page
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The quiz starts off with the student submitting a shortcut (usually a 4-digit number, uniquely identified with the quiz).
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The system matches that shortcut with a quiz. Students click \'next\' to take their quiz. (If it was a survey shortcut, they\'d have been directed to a survey instead.)
Activity fork
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If students get a question wrong, they can try again. If it takes them 2 tries to get a correct answer, they get half credit for that question. 3 tries, a third, and so on.
Try again
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Multilingual support for questions and options. This is Japanese text. The answer is \
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