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Download add-ons for MOARS (mobile audience response system). These add-ons are optional extensions of the system. Some create a new option in the teacher's side that gives the user some additional functionality (such as importing a Moodle quiz, or editing your shortcuts). Other add-ons will actually create a new type of activity, or extend an existing activity.

If you're a PHP programmer who is interested in writing an add-on, contact us for information. We're still working on the specifications, but we'll give you what we have so far, and answer questions. You'll be able to upload files here, and you'll have access to keep them up to date. Alternatively, if you're hosting the files on your own site, we'll just link to the description page. You're under no obligation to release your module as open-source GNUv3 software. So, for example, if you come up with an iPhone or Android app that interfaces with a MOARS site, we'd link here to your commercial product.

Since MOARS is very interested in transparency and portability of data, we encourage both "import from" and "export to" add-ons.


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